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CHPC, Creation and Earth Care


In 2006 the General Assembly passed a resolution encouraging all Presbyterians to live carbon neutral lives. The resolution, “strongly urges all Presbyterians to immediately make a bold witness by aspiring to live carbon neutral lives.” But do you really know how much you personally impact your environment? It’s time you take a few minutes to “Do the math.” We’ll tell you how.
In a how-to-do-this guide Pam McVety, leader of the team that developed the resolution, simply explained what Presbyterians must do. She said carbon neutrality requires that we all reduce our releases of carbon dioxide by using energy more efficiently and by purchasing carbon offsets for the amount of energy we do consume.
Find out how much carbon dioxide you and your family produce from energy use by doing the math. And remember, this is only with regard to primary energy use and not to other impacts you have from other aspects of your life. So, first get out your gas and electric bills, figure out how many miles a year you drive your car and how many plane flights you take a year. Then, go to the EPA Climate Change – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator for Individuals at –
and http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/emissions/ind_calculator.html

Then tell us, ‘What is YOUR carbon footprint’.

We’d like to take an average of our congregation and set a goal of reducing our collective carbon use WELL BELOW the national or regional average in our community.

Click here
to post your current emissions per household member and your future emissions based on our selected actions to save money and reduce your impact.
Read the entire PCUSA policy at http://gamc.pcusa.org/ministries/environment/pcusa-environmental-policy/
And find out more at –